Mother Aidan – ICB (Demo)
Genre Rock

ICB (Demo)

Verse 1

I’m stuck in the same place
Where I tried my best to save my face
It gets so difficult to leave

I’m stuck where we last we last spoke
When I said the words that made me choke
It gets so hard for me to think

Verse 2

I’m lost in the both times
Where I spilled my heart and I hoped to die
I’m clear but why’s the hurt so fresh?
I’m stuck on that one day
When I took it in and lost my way
The haze makes everything so clеar

Verse 3

I’m not scared of the end
Think I won’t bе here just to pretend
I couldn’t bring myself to it

Is this all too much?
Is it not a thing, am I loud a touch?
I don't know how I see myself


I can’t tell what’s right or wrong
All I know is that I hate what’s in my skull
Feel like shit just like you do
Screamed the Inferiority Complex Blues

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