Mother Aidan – Dread (Demo)
Genre Rock

Dread (Demo)

Verse 1

I wake up everyday
Plunged into a world of pure decay
From such a young age
I’ve been scared it’d always be that way
No matter what I yearn
Might not always get it when it comes to burn
They’re lost worse than us
Stumbling in the dark til they kill us all

Verse 2

There's a new disease in town
The last one sucked so there's no new one at all
Why do we draw those lines
Them or us just makes it all much worse
The one line written down
Goes ignored by a book translated wrong
So outdated
Life’s too short to not give a fuck
Those bones we didn’t choose have been giving none
For too damn long


I'm terrified that I won't even reach old 2 7
What happened to the neighbors that they swore they said they'd love
They won't do shit 'til their status is nearly gone
I'm just staring at the ground
Waiting to look up in hope but I won't

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