Mort Garson – Where Was Your Moon (Leo)
Genre Pop

Where Was Your Moon (Leo)

John Erwin - Aries moon

When the sun is in Leo and the moon is in Aries
This is a case of using fire to help fire
The fiery pride of Leo and the incandescent aggressiveness of Aries has courage as the common denominator
There is strength of conviction and your destiny to lead
Your initial victory, however, must be over the intensity of your personal relationships
Because the true leader must bе bigger than any single part of his life
Oncе you accomplish this, yours is life lived to its fullest dimensions

Nancy Priddy - Taurus moon

Leo's open, generous hand is closed somewhat by the moon in Taurus
But your love of pleasure is deepened
Your idealism is toughened
And the Lion's large view narrowed because
Of a tendency to get hung up on small things
However, there is great strength and foresight in this combination
Plus the force and ability to make the wheels of business turn at your command
And the larger the view, the more readily the wheels will turn

Michael Bell - Gemini moon

The Lion with a Gemini moon is a Lion who likes jungles to roam in
Whether in thought or action
He begins with a desire to prowl, investigate, and to test
Then he likes to emerge and tell the world of the things he's seen, learned, and felt
The Leonian capacity to feel, coupled with the alert Gemini mind
;akes him the perfect combination to express
And to make himself heard by a large audience

John Erwin - Cancer moon

The sun in Leo and the moon in Cancer results in a native whose home is most surely his castle
It is a place dedicated to comfort and love
Leo's need to impress and to live in the whole world
Is tempered by the domestic instincts of the Crab
This is the sign of basic human needs elevated to living that resembles art
It is a combination of the best values of mind and emotions honestly expressed with love

Nancy Priddy - Leo moon

The natural inclination of Leo is to be bigger than life
With the moon in Leo you are not only bigger than life
But above it and outside of it
For yours is a cold fire which combines vitality and detachment
With you, what people see is not necessarily what they've got
Your natural gravitation is upward towards high places or highly placed people
But even as you move into the world and through it
You are reluctant to let the world get too close to you

Michael Bell - Virgo moon

The legendary Leonian pride takes on a more intellectual dimension
When the moon is in virgo
You take more pride in what you think, than in what others think of you
Yours is more isolation than independence
You're known by everyone to be critical of everything around you
What is not known is that you are secretly most critical of yourself
Your star gets off the ground when you are inspired by creative and intellectual goals

John Erwin - Libra moon

The moon in Libra creates a warmhearted Lion whose reason for living is essentially people and whose need is to be close to them
This need dominates the existence
Yours is indeed a love combination
Love of individuals, beauty
Anything that springs from the human heart
Which, fortunately, your mind is strong enough to understand
And your heart is big enough to encompass
You are what is known as a benevolent leader

Nancy Priddy - Scorpio moon

The sun-shot Lion with the emotional moon in Scorpio results in a wild, intense consumer of people, passions, and possessions
In your journey, however, nothing defeats like excess
For without control you can burn yourself out with the heat of living
Yours is a subjective world of primitive drives
Which, when focused and contained, can elevate the native to true greatness

Michael Bell - Sagittarius moon

The optimism of Leo plus the optimism of Sagittarius makes you a life-lover
And leaves no space between the impulse and the act
The native flies with the speed of light in any direction that his fancy takes him
And sometimes his fancy takes him in too many directions at the same time
When he finally decides on one, he can do anything
But one of anything is difficult for him to decide on

John Erwin - Capricorn moon

The sun in Leo and the moon in Capricorn indicates the native born to lead
Once your goal is defined and your plan is conceived, there is only one possibility
And that is success
You can attain whatever you project, and obstacles crumble when you attack
A king is a leader
An ambitious king is an absolute ruler

Nancy Priddy - Aquarius moon

The Leonian moon in Aquarius is inspiration's child
And your imagination can conquer reality
And create significant contributions in many areas
The opposition of sun to moon provides the native with intuitive abilities
Which tunes you into people and makes you capable of good judgment and deep compassion
This is a poet sign
And brings with it all the elements of idealism, sensitivity, and the need to express

Michael Bell - Pisces moon

Sun in Leo, moon in Pisces
The sensitivity of this meeting produces a highly susceptible native
You are a humanist in all aspects of your life
The Pisces compassion, fused with the Lion's need to make his wishes known
Manifests in someone who rises in order to serve
For you are aware that, if there is one forgotten man, no man is worth remembering you

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