Mort Garson – The Four Seasons of Aquarius

The Four Seasons of Aquarius

Nancy Priddy - First season

The Aquarian begins with a need to need
There must be something in this whole world one can care about, and this what he wants to find
In time, he'll find an infinite variety
He is, in truth, the arrow which points the way to tomorrow
And so in this time, in this place, there are some problems posed
The first one is he doesn't seem to fit into the picture gracefully
He is afflicted with being different
He thinks differently, he feels differеntly
And he has a built-in set of responsеs that very few can fathom
His head may be in the clouds, but his heart is in the right place
It is with people, and they are very important to him
It's just so difficult to convince anyone of this when you're young
One thing he'll always have, and that is friends
He'll collect them like other kids collect match covers, autographs, and marbles
He will not rebel against authority
He will simply refuse to acknowledge its existence
His thought will always be, if it is, it is suspect

Michael Bell - Second season

In his second season the young Aquarian begins his odyssey
No road will be too remote, no avenue too crowded
He will travel them all
He'll turn up in places most people never knew existed
The difficulty is that, there are so many wrongs in the world, where does one begin?
What good is it to have a message from tomorrow, when you can't make people listen?
Aquarians have the problem of remembering
And that is because they are remembering the future
Finding a place is the Water Bearer's dilemma

John Erwin - Third season

In his third season, the Aquarian who has arrived, discovers that in one you may find all
In one job, you serve the cause of work
In one cause, you serve all causes
In one love, you know all love
For the Aquarian has the greatest contribution to make
It is the talent for seeing beyond notion, to truth
Of being able to see beyond the necessity of the moment
To the necessity of tomorrow

Nancy Priddy - Fourth season

In his final season, the Water Bearer is still unconventional
Still stating the ideal yet to be
Still telling the world that it has a long way to go
Loved by many, idolized by the young, and very close to wisdom, if not in the heart of it
And possessing the gift that men have always longed for
The gift of prophecy
For Aquarians, men and women and women alike, to become is to care
And they know the satisfaction of having reached above themselves to embrace other people, and greater realities

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