Mort Garson – In Love, Libra?

In Love, Libra?

John Erwin

In love, Libra?
You were yesterday
Well, it's all a question of how you look at it
First, what is love?
One can answer that like this-
Or you could say love is-
Uh, but if we consider it from this possibility, then we have to admit it’s a word-
Unless, of course, you-
But then again-

Nancy Priddy

In love with the Libra man, my girl?
You know you are, because he says so
You're about to discover that you're not perfect, but you’d better work on it
The truth is, he can tell you a lot about yourself
And if you listen, you're not likely to go wrong
What you have to know is that even though he seems undecided, he is very serious when it comes to love
After all, Venus is his planet
You'll have to understand also that commitment in anything is difficult for him
But once he does commit himself, it's for the duration

Michael Bell

In love with a Libra girl, my man?
I hope you have patience, principle, passion, and a desire for a partner
You'll need patience while waiting for her to balance and weigh the situation and give you a "yes" or "no"
You'll need principle because she's a strong believer in them
You'll require passion if she says "yes", because she is a daughter of the love goddess Venus
As for partnership, it’s the only kind of relationship she will accept
And she is one woman who can help you run the business without sacrificing the qualities which make her a woman

John Erwin

Out of love, Libra?
Oh, you’re still deciding
Eh, maybe next time you'll make up your mind
Aquarius or Gemini ought to balance out
Try to understand
No one wants to be kept guessing forever

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