Mort Garson – I Know You Leo
Genre Pop

I Know You Leo

I know you, Leo
By the tall way you stand
By the fierce pride that singles you out from the crowd, and sets you in the center of the stage
And by your dignity
And by every persons need to be acknowledged and applauded
I know you by all the things that make men desire to be noble
The need to be big, to reach high, to live generously
And your belief that life is a great and glorious adventure

Nancy Priddy

I have seen you Leo
With your large lion's heart and your generous hand
Wearing your sun crown
Assuming command
Believing in people, and asking only that they believe in you
So you can get the best from each other

Michael Bell

I have heard you, Leo
Trying to give wings to words
Attempting to make language important
Truly telling every man, loser and winner alike, that he does have worth
Speaking for all people in all times, knowing it is all part of a great design

John Erwin

Leo, your word is "noble"
From the Latin "nobilis"
Which also means "outstanding"

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