Mort Garson – Capricorn - Numbers, Gems and Colors

Capricorn - Numbers, Gems and Colors

Michael Bell - Numbers

Eight is the number of security
And Capricorn is in constant pursuit of that aim
Eight is the sign of peace
And the Goat doesn't achieve by combat, but by subtlety
Eight is the numerical indication of wealth
An important part of Capricorn's plan
Eight is the number of hours in the workday
And Capricorn is always working
Eight is the sign of rhythm
And the Goat is close to the drum
He leaves the melody for others to play
Eight, eight, eight
Is the numeration of the name Jesus
And Christ was a Capricorn
Eight are the notes of the octave
And Capricorn plays them one at a time, slowly going up the scale

Nancy Priddy - Gems

Because white onyx is a stone which reflects all rays to the eye
Because it utilizes the full color spectrum, it is Capricorn's stone
White is neutral, onyx is smooth, creating a stone of quiet reserve
Just as the Goat is the picture of restraint and composure
The white onyx, formal, does not sparkle or dance in the light, or have a depth which invites the eye to enter
It reflects light
Using all colors to serve its own idea
Which could be sad, because so much beauty is lost
And is one idea worth that much

John Erwin - Colors

Color Capricorn green
As green as money is green
Or the vine that clings and climbs slowly and silently, moving to high, lonely places
Is green
For the Goat is ever saving and climbing
You, Capricorn, held by the cold hand of Saturn, must remember
That to rise, is not to grow
To have, is not to be
And the vine which covers the windows and shuts the light out
Is torn down

Michael Bell - Closing

So, Capricorn
Follow your number eight to security
Use the whole spectrum to become
Cling, climb, and accumulate
Just know you can't use, without being used
And high, lonely places
Are very cold at night

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