Morbid Convent – Farscape
Genre Rock

Morbid Convent

It’s just a quiet night in a convent
Place [that] people believe to be sacred
Closed mind believers worshiping deceitful priests
With no idea of what really ocurres

Carousing – choch-full of drugs
Nefarious sex
Harassing more girls
The holy party
It’s just starting
With te bless of god

Acting like hunters waiting for the prey
They no longer look for [only] prostitutes
And this opportunity will give them a chance
To experiment something that is pure

Virgin girls been deceived
Screaming loud
With no courtesy
The holy party
Just has began
With the bless of god

Solo 1 – Witchcaptor
Solo 2 – Poisonhell

After drinking, fucking and using the sexual slaves
Is the time to offer the sacrifice
To take away virginity of an innocent child
Is the glorious way to find out the divine

Chained as dogs
Feed by dregs
Trampled on face
Knife through the neck
Blood in the chalice
In the name of god

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