VerseMoney Reekk & Goonew

Slide all black in the UUV
Your man got shot with them .223s
We be shootin' them bullets that go through trees
Keep a Glock with extras, leg and a beam
I trap out Amiri’s with racks in my jeans
I'm swervin' them boulders the crack rock fiends
with the toaster, Drac’ on the seat
We be pourin' up straight drop lean no sleep
got the drank, poppin' them Perc's so a nigga can think
My brother in jail with a lock and a shank
Don't say what you saw man that nigga got spanked
Trap house shit go crazy, uh
Sellin' that crack rock shit can get dangerous
He caught him a body now they tryna blame him
Lil' Reek put his lil' ass on the pavement
Niggas they scared, send their location
I ran up them racks, I had to stay patient
I wouldn’t be here, without my haters
Stuck in the hood now I’m sittin' on acres
Whack a rapper put that shit up on Fader
I’m drivin' foreigns so the police can't chase me
I do the dash, man I do like 180
I'm fuckin’ bitches bitch I can't have no baby
Uh, Goonrich bitch I got hoes
He said he slime then we wiping his nose
We pull up on him shoot that shit through the door
We still trappin' I'll sleep on the floor
Get you a brick, or get you a four
This shit is straight drop, they knock on the door
Straight 8 engine them bitches they roar
She actin' real boujee that bitch is a whore
Bad bitch in the trap house fucked on the floor
Send shots with the Draco we want war
In the pot whippin' crack egg bacon and water
Plugged in with the pack we get shit from the border
Don't call me for less than a quarter
See a opp he get lit up pass me the torch
They left his ass achin', brains on the floor
Still trap out the vacant, spin off the porch
Niggas thought he was lit, got scorched
Got a white bitch walk in the bank racks on
She bustin' the 'script for the drank not knowin', uh
Too many pounds keep goin', uh
Too many rounds keep blowin'
Pourin' up drank I spilled lean in the foreign
In the dark tint, they cannot see what I'm on

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