Money Mike Sandberg – Hide Away
Genre Rap

Hide Away

Verse 1

[Money Mike]

I hear a strange voice so I hide away

But my conscience tells me to stay

I’m torn in two by these options

I must find out what it has to say

Curiosity can be detrimental

At the same time it is instrumental

To discover new ways of thinking

Shift your perspectives, it is monumental

To find everlasting success

Embody a growth mind set
View failures as an opportunity

Learn from yourself to make progress

Never rest on your laurels

If you do, it’ll become your weakness

If you’re satisfied with achievements

Doubts will creep up while you’re sleeping

Verse 2

We all feel weaker as days go by

But every step we have to try

To make everything in life have meaning

Whether or not we all believe in

The process which got us here
Sometimes, it feels unclear

But the same way we stand tall

We must accept falls to persevere

We grow from situations

Don’t lower your expectations

Find happiness to fill the void

Now just get away from the noise

Enjoy the time that you spend

Remember the real ones who always lend

Support to those who hide away

To empower those till the very end, now [uhh]

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