Money Mike Sandberg – Conversations with the Future
Genre Rap

Conversations with the Future

Verse 1

[Money Mike]

My present and future cannot connect
So I dial destiny one last time
To piece together the disconnect

I can’t get through, rejected
I compose this rhyme, neglected
For all that I do
What can I do?
If I have the time
Better make that connection

It’s easy to give up
And it’s easy to cave in
But it’s hard to give
Everything in conversation
When you cannot even win

I wish my future
Can spеak to the present
A tеnse world
I can feel my tension
I wish my future
Could say I love you
That true affection
Needs to be mentioned

Verse 2

Future calls
I’m nervous to speak
At the same time
I hope that I’m worthy
Since that’s all
I really need

I pick up and he begins
What you’re doing is right and worthy
He can feel me dig into my past
And tells me not to worry

He continues to advise me to
Take my steps and create a path
To tell my story by rhyme
Of the start, where this all began

In order to build on the future
I had to lay the foundation
He reminds me that we bet on ourselves and
That’s no understatement
The sacrifices are worth it
To get to where we are in the end
I wouldn’t change our positions
Since I can sense the feeling
On the other end

Through it all
We gained clarity
We have learned our purpose
We fight this mental war every day
But at the end of the day
We’re one person

Remember we’re here
For the next generation
Through education and dedication
We lend a hand to others
And empower them with no hesitation

We must endure the path
It will come to fruition
Stick to the process
Your future will thank you in the end
With some recognition

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