Mon Amour (prod by. ZEL) – VictorNotNice
Genre Rap

Mon Amour (prod by. ZEL)

Lets go
Like it’s pastry
I’m where the cake is
But it’s not a bakery
Pinocchio how I got the stick
Nursery on her lips
How I left my kids
You can’t hit both cheeks
Drill like I put up tv’s
XL in her jeans
And she likes my things
Elle a un beau corps
Et un toucher plus doux
MON AMOUR keep it low
Like when I’m on the phone
We’re good if you’re down ten toes
Trig how we stay in shape
Nigga mess up, we do them like case
We beat em’
Switch up, treat you like fit, I change
That’s on God, that’s on my mama
I down thеse cups, I take em’ undеr
Zulu how I got that power
Taking care of “I” like I’m maintenance at the Towers
Any type of beat is my type beat, give me an hour
They told you they’re dogs, much like courage the coward
Triple H how I keep thr hammer
At your location I am Santana
Won’t let you down, nah nah, not Mabena
It’s not a lot of girls that make it to my chambers
Like I wrote “No Girls Allowed” where they enter
I’m hot call me pepper
Tall unlike my temper
Changing for the better
You’re good till I got better
Call me I won’t answer
Somebody gotta tell her
Somebody come and get her

I don’t take beef, don’t play with me
Say my name in vain and I’m serving it
Ike Turner on her back, she was Tina in it
Pray for Grace, there’s no saving me

And I want the whole percentage
She said I’m not a good guy
Cause’ I don’t know where the cape is
Competition is my reflection
Chasing the bag, you couldn’t make it
They couldn’t get me
I made changes
Who gave you my number?
Now I gotta change it
I’m on fire, had the mic melting
I’m not Satan, I’m with the angels
Said she was Mabel
Looking for a real one, I am able
Only Gang eats at table
A lotta talk behind my backbone
Tune you couldn’t handle

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