MisterrMo – Scared To Love
Genre Rap

Scared To Love

Verse 1MisterrMo

You know I'm all broken and then you're all taken but why are you making 'em all hate me you know it sucks ain't it? I got some tokens in my piggy bank but that ain't enough to take all my pains down sometimes I feel like an alien but ain't no monster yu see me smile but I'm smiling with an empty soul now take me for a foul and my heart feel so cold I know it's crazy but gotta lay on my own all the sleepless nights turned to speechless nights trying to get all those thoughts outta my mind but I'm stuck in this loop I dunno how to get out all I want is to be fine but it's hard to be fine

Verse 2MisterrMo

My head is spinning so fast I can't see them coming thru trynna hit the goal but now I hit the bar I'm on this ride but I think it's hard if love is right then I'm always left but ain't no wrong why yu call dawg if you ain't got my door but why yu hit up I think I'm so cool but now why yu hatе me girl my heart is beating so fast cuz anything I see your facе my heart skip a beat know you're amazing just wanna go stargazing I'm so crazy in love like Beyoncé and Jay-z take me to the stars girl I know we just fazing hold my hand now and just call me your baby

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