Mistake – Agowskyy
Genre Rap, Trip Hop


Verse 1agowskyy

Just once I was there, u too and said hey wassup
I was staring confused but u were just like hey I am ur luck
My mind was playing but I accepted it
It felt kinda new, having the luck to find someone like you but
Man I didn't even know that u were a blessing, but I know it now
And thats how it goes for the continuing time with me and you, you know right


How did I find you?
Why did you choose me?

Verse 2agowskyy

A new day, a new morning, I was waking up, I checked my phone and saw u sayin hey wassup
Am I dreaming? No, its you again, It felt nice, so I said
Just chillin, why you askin man?
You replied and said i just wanted to meet, if u got time
Cause its boring you know like the bordom isnt mine
I was okay with it
Then we met and we were talking about how life is and he told me
His father has died, so he cried a lil bit but as much as I tried to help him
He didn't like the help, so we just split up and went home
A couple days have passed, I was hoping for him not being mad as fuck, I wrote him
And he didn't reply so I went to his place and asked for him, but his mama was just like
My son has died

Hook 2agowskyy

You shouldn't have chosen me
Why did you do that?

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