Mista Mister – The Ocean Sounds
Genre Folk, Indie Folk, Pop

The Ocean Sounds

Verse 1

Of youth, of youth don't cry for the Lord
But when the sun don't shine
When the moon don't shine
When the wind don't move me
Don't know why I don't know better
Son of the Lord I've got to go home
Now I'm a mile or two out of town
And I'm a mile or two out of town
Yeah, I'm a mile or two out of town

Verse 2

And if you find out what's going on
I will try to change my mind and let you in
And if you find it's true, let this feeling show
Baby, I will give you what you wanted
Those moments of tenderness
Would be sweet in the making
When love should last forever

Verse 3

Knowing his lip would be badly fried
So there's beer and wine down insidе
In this small bed of paper
That's wherе I keep the pieces
That's where I lose my mind

Verse 4

And the guitars are manufactured steel
At the end of the day we're more perfect
We've saved the best that we can collect
There's always something to sing about
It's not good in the great unknown

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