Mist (+m1zu333) – ‎hibari token
Genre Rap

Mist (+m1zu333)

Shadow in the night lookin for a fight
Idgaf if i die tonight
Told her don't be scared no
I don't want a weirdo
I just want a girl to help me fill this void tho
Pain in my blunt like i lost it all
Wishin for a better life like dragon ball
All my problems caked up now its all a sandwich

Caked up faked out i don't wanna wake up
Mixin up the chemicals im fillin up my lungs
Drown in despair idgaf
Bitch actin tuff keep the glicky tucked
I got brains on my forces i got blood on my watch
And u kno we sippin karo u know we stay w wok
Go ahead and leave idgaf
U were never there u fuckin slut

Sittin in my room listenin to tunes
Baggy full of oxy sittin on the night table
Starin at tv static cuz we ain't got cable
I got knives i got guns strappеd up like im silver sable

Blood in my mouth likе a vamp
She say im a dog she the lady im the tramp
Spiders in my hair like a hairpick
No it's too late i can't help it

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