Millyz – Himalayas
Genre Rap


Racked up in my city I feel like the mayor
Cause I could tell them boys or I could tell ‘em slay ya
Drink plug in the south we met him in Decatur
Balling in Florida I feel like a gator
Pink Molly look like salt from the Himalayas
Dior runners all summer I got different flavors
Blancolato so loud it that it could wake the neighbors
Since Corona when we count we Lysol the paper
Do me a favor never do me no favors
Everybody on my team pull felonious capers
Gotta hustle everyday it’s just part of nature
I’m doing better than a lot of rappеrs signed to a major

She said I get that pussy wе she make it leak for me
Quit the class Azul that shit too sweet for me
Back on 1942 I go the tresh on me
SosaGeek called me said you really got the streets homie
My mind state is similar to Donald Goines
Writing about my life got me on tour in Des Moines
Or maybe in Missouri new fans that never heard me
Listening to how I trapped and sold snow by the flurry
Gold chains Jordan fives when my homie got buried
At the wake I couldn’t cry but my vision was blurry
The whole city OD’ing they addicted to 30’s
But I’m addicted to bad bitches that’s slim thick and curvy
Had a gun the size of Ross back when 50 was Curly
Cross a line I do him bad and have him sit in a gurney
You beefing on the internet I know you’d sing to a jury

Look Balenciaga on my body that shit oversized
Off the drink soda pink it got me comatized
Top dog in my city bitch I’m bonafide
These bitches choosing off the rip
I let a hoe decide
Last text I got from Shotty said you know the vibes
Hot blooded cold world got me froze inside
You weak bitches in my texts getting no reply
You was fronting back then so how you so surprised
Seeing death around the corner life getting scary
Me against the world I’m knocking Hail Mary
Killuminati got me feeling like Tupacolypse
I would’ve been on top the charts but it’s politics
Do some gimmick shit and post you’ll get a lot of clicks
Drop some real shit and they probably won’t acknowledge it
Record labels tell you take your product swallow it
So I keep 1 for in the trap to make these dollars flip

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