Miles Better – Messages
Genre Rap


Up you get, staring at another blank page
Or the rage these days to be late to your own grave
Not paid enough to exist
Smoke the pot
Cunning with these linguistic tricks all the wise fill of
Chopping up the shellack, racking up some bangers
I try to keep it lax, switch up my parameters
Be measured on stamina
Attacking emcees with a hammer
Never a ‘cause if notes clash, it doesn’t even matter
Cunts would rather see a pretty face with nothing to say than engage with artists in their own communities
Hip hop is journalism from streets and hearts
If you think this isn’t art, shove your opinion up your…
Bars for days, beats for weeks

Never thought I’d gear up being a rapper after
Good for the forgotten tunes, lay the horrible blues
I used to lose, I was alone with my implements and increments
Grew sick of it, wasn’t deferent, never got intimate
I all was into it, for a little bit
But the effort of Sisyphus wins weaker than Icarus
Just pick a better list of the litanies of a system you hate
Corroborate fate, put your status in play
Embrace every behavior you say, displays empathy
Lyrics rife with misogyny, difference is you canna tolerate…
Communal music made from an individual mindset
Sign of the times when white rappers jab at the opposite sex
Brats got steel toe in your crotch
these awful bros get awkward around hoes like…
Shit farmers work ethic alarming
Might need to stop peddling bars, I’ll just disarm them

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