The Outsiders lyrics


The People Vs. Michael Lee Osbourne

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April 18, 2004

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The Outsiders lyrics

Intro: Mike Oxlong
Welcome people, welcome!
Welcome, I welcome you
Me, Billy, Bruce and fucking Doug Taj

Verse 1: Mike Oxlong
For people to find evidence of me, go ahead and press record
Don’t nobody tell Mike he cannot fucking handle divorce
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, do we fucking love these hoes with some fucking G-Straps
Disappoint myself if that bitch escapes, I can't believe that
Catch yo fucking son listenin’ to me red-handed, what was thе feedback
Don’t you fucking think Mike doesn’t levеl up to much stress
Drive- by, shoot and fucking aim to the legs, leave them all hop-less
Manager callin’ my fucking phone, the fuck is up next?
Two big booties in between my eyes, see in a swimsuit
He didn’t want kids, too fucking bad, you’ll be having some kids soon
Is Mike really killing? Now that shit remains a secret
Living in Mike’s bad and not sad world, can you really see it
Mike is not what you fucking think, he’s not a perfect human being
So let me kill you and ask the fucking people how Mike was really like
Alright you gonna wanna fucking get me off here, fine, period
This bitch talking back to me, like bitch are you serious?
Tryna be Deebie from Friday, repeat every single lyric
First day as a serial killer, at first it's an awful experience
Mike, don’t grab him on his fucking dick to his balls
Leave with fucking battle scars and running with a mental disease
Y’all just in Mike’s own little trap, dead trying to take my cheese
Bitch, put ya motherfuckin’ hands up, I say freeze
Start beef like fucking USA, wipe the blood off with the napkin
People that fucking know Mike realise Mike demands action
Bullet to the mouth, now your teeth has some big ol’ gap in
Killed the bitch, like George W. Bush, trying to clean up the mess I made
Striped a dead body till’ I find cash, see no reason to be getting paid
My fucking middlefinger resembles an upside down cross
Jump out my fucking house before you shot, two fucking Kriss Kross
I told Jesus myself that I have learned a lot from satan
Mike has no particular or any visible ass patience
The time it takes to fucking kill a bitch from inside of a basement
Gun to my fucking lawyer to say "thats some false ass statements"
Ha, ha, ha

Break: Johnny
Stay gold Ponyboy

Verse 2: Billy J. Mackie
I don’t fucking release shit, I’m very speechless
Everybody who knows me and Mike, know that were very needless
Soon as the fucking success has reached us
Billy can’t hear your appreciation, speak up
Don’t think Mike hurt these bitches like publicity stunts
To be honest, I gotta say, I only hit a broad once
Splitted the cash, with mines I brought my 4 pack blunts
From the southside, from the westside
Popping off shit, let me fucking get mines
Mike’s too numb for this shit, old for this shit
Danny Glover but I’m not too old for this shit
Well if you want Italian Job, working shift to shift
Get off my hammer, I said get off it bitch
Don’t make me get Michael here, he’ll fuck you up
You don’t know me, don’t know basketball, only know Kobe
Rip your antennas out like the ones out of a bug
Motherfuckin’ right I hate being sober, never stay off the drugs
Somewhere to hide my bills, under my mug
Somewhere to hide my drugs, under the rug
Resolve things with the M16, in the fucking same day
Can full of matches and some gas to light up your day
Everybody in the inside wanna talk shit, what did you say
I’ma fucking break your face, come and play
If it isn't the bars I lay, it's you I fucking lay
Police, I think its too late and cold to catch a case
If Billy ever gave one fuck, he'll have you paying these cuts
Not afraid if you don't stab me with this knife here
Gimme the gun, now is this the real shit that you fear, is that clear

Interlude: Mike Oxlong
You know, I used to dream about this since I was a little boy
Never thought it would end this way, cut

Verse 3: Brucie
Why the fuck would I offer my bitch my heart when she rather my money
She saying "woah that dick feel kinda pokey and funny
Well its the blow of the knife, you won’t fucking survive
Funny how a few words turn into your turn to die
Fuck this beat, fuck this super duper check
Release my anger outside and see what I can fucking wreck
After that, like Damn, Brucie made a hell of a mess
Fucking send feminists to reappear in hell with no regrets
Violent outbursts, violence occurring throughout the neighborhood
I need you to hold this 44, is that understood
Just to point it at me but not check the fucking bullets, empty mags
Just like stolen money, get your fucking head in the bag
Learn what it feels like to have no dad once I shoot your dad
See the fucking pill bottle as tall as the bar stool
Hand your kids heroin and alcohol, is that what you call cool?
Now your fucking kids gonna have extra trouble focusing on school
Flip the teacher and get sent to detention after school
Fuck, what the fuck am I rapping about, move on to the next list

Interlude: Mike Oxlong
Now listen to Mike
I wanna try something right now
So they don’t do this anymore
I’ma say some shit
And I want the guys to say it with me
It goes:
You feel something heatin’ up, I just shot you
Then the ladies go:
Oh my god, you just fucking shot me
Doug go ahead and repeat

Verse 4: Doug Taj
Everybody put some hands, shoot them all in one line
There was at least 6 girls and 3 boys, so that makes nine
Bite motherfuckers off like a fucking canine
Say something and let me see what else rhymes
Scar on my face resembling the last ride with Alejandro Sosa
Doug barely do a 3-step but instead go with one-step sofa
Hardcore, in your fucking face like a bitch, no actual bitch
I am not no fucking fine man like for example Hitch
Suffered more pain, for example with multiple bitches
I don’t care what balls with you
I’m not biased about you sluts, I just don’t get along with you
What Doug means about that is that he doesn’t fuck with you
Paint a pretty picture but I’ll still get rainy weather
I’m gone

Outro: Mike Oxlong
Wassup, the outsiders coming now!
Big daddies, take a step back, we coming now
2004, 2003, not the same Mike
Anybody else can rhyme on this shit
I don't fucking care, boy, girl, man-child, trans
Shit I don't give a fuck
Hop on it, maybe we'll sign you