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Pop Can: The Definitive Collection 1986-1988

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June 2, 2023

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Night After Night lyrics

Enclosed a line of thought
Just words for what they're worth
I've given you a fair head start
You'll give me a wider berth
I suppose I was too serious
My pose was pretty blue
I laid upon the line until you took me down a peg or two

Maybe I should mention
I'd no intention
I won't take your picture from my wall
I'll wait for it to fall
I could never be that cruel
I could wait for your call

I suppose I was too cavalier
My presumption cost me dear
Now I'm so fey
And you're so fell
But I still wish you were here
I wouldn't flatter to dеceive
Take еvery word as true
Cause I should know that flattering
Gets me nowhere with you

I'd no intention
But maybe I should mention
I said I wouldn't dream of it
But lets get it right
I dream of nothing else
Night after night
After night after night after night after night
After night after night after night

Mighty Mighty – Night After Night

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