Meyhem Lauren, Harry Fraud – G Shit
Genre Rap

G Shit

IntroMeyhem Lauren

Yeah, this that G shit
Universal G shit
Everybody on that G shit
Check it, yo, yo
[La música de Harry Fraud]

Verse 1Meyhem Lauren

It's nothing to make your head bleed
Hit a nigga with the toast, let the lead
Living on the edge, need everything I rap about
Fuck you niggas think you hearing words from out a actors mouth
They acting crazy til we pressed 'em out
Couple people in my cypher locked up
Summertime is when it's time to shine, I pull my matches out
My doing fine, this road is mine, I took the rout
Hold that shit above my shoulders
Work out my tri's while y'all niggas be telling lies
Whipping and flipping pies
How I survive, switch it and
I fuck 'em, you wife 'em
Your fiance is a open box item
You might wanna return that
Throw a couple dollars up and make her earn that

ChorusMeyhem Lauren

G shit, all about that lifestyle-lifestyle
G shit, fucking with that white now-white now
G shit, now we get it right now-right now
G shit, now we taking flight now-flight now
Every block, every hood, every corner know the drill
We on that G shit
Making flips, getting rich, never snitch, fuck a bitch
We on that G shit

Verse 2Meyhem Lauren

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