Mewnlight Rose – Pillar
Genre Pop


Feat. Sofuu

Verse 1

Stars burst
And the sky slowly empties
Your words hurt
Yet your voice is so tempting
Black clouds form
And the outside world is fading from my view

We fight on
You storm off, the walls still rumbling
I'd stand strong
But inside I feel I'm crumbling
One question
I catch myself still mumbling to you:


When I've been falling apart, you help me through it all
Held me high above turmoil, standing strong and tall
With your love and support, I feel like I could never fall
But when you're gone I'm exposed, this silence like a stake
By the weight of my fears, I start to slowly bend and break
So what am I to do, when my heart dеpends on you

Verse 2

Your sharp words, I try but can't forget
Though you've said it's all a mеaningless threat
I still fear what's next for you and me
There's no doubt, I've thought it through enough
I won't hesitate: I know I'm in love
Yet I suffocate in this debris

So I'll wait
Hopefully in time I'll get to see how you need me
As much as I need you


In ruins, the creaking door is
Slowly opening
Wrapped around your silhouette
A gentle light shines in

I feel the storm has died down
But I can't meet your gaze
You tell me that you're sorry
Our eyes meet and you say:
"I'll always be here for you
It's all ok my dear"
Hold me tight and be my pillar
And the black clouds disappear

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