Methods – Stro
Genre Rap


Verse 1

Grade a tribe's in the house with that trap jam, ya'll better get back man
The static's automatic like weapons in Pakistan
Everything I rip, like I'm tryna get, Inside your iTunes
First class with the window seat, bumping Erykah Badu
T-R-I-double-L since '96, spit crack, get y'all fixed
Macking in LA, or philly, with y'all chicks
Rap cats jack, you know they raw shit, but I'm here to stay
Switch flow like oil spills, hit em up with that quaker state
Original, considered a seminal, read cats like criminals
Could've been one, but I'm in too bigger news, wonder that pen'll do
Now I'm a walking legend size 11
Since pre-school days Gamma Phi Gamma been waiting to step in
So now I wreck the checks like Viva la Bam on sets
The best to test your texture, but I don't feel yaa
We the targets when the point out the real ones
Old souls, that's why when you see us we look familiar


Check out these trill Ebonics, listen up when I'm rhyming
Very rare what I'm kicking, you barely hear what I'm spitting
That's why I got more flows than you
I'll make it hot, MC's won't even stand close to you

Verse 2

No Wu-Tang but I got that method, man
I took a while, but they obsessed, they bared
With me, that kega-stan
I don't need a helping hand, just gimme the beat, just gimme the beat
At my shows they clapping hands, and moving they feet, moving they feet
I'm a G with G's to see and beats to eat, you see the team
We be elite, your team delete, we knock em out, they go to sleep
Thats tracks I mean cuz im for peace, a lot of cheese yea im gone need, yeah I'm in need
So cut the checks and send the O's, they claim I bite well probably
But who else could kick it with a swiftness this swift?
Assassinate your rappers state a map on my hitlist
If I ain't in your top ten then what's the purpose?
I'm right behind the nicest, tell Hova I been lurking
Y'all know that I've been working, it's time for the results
You know you made it when haters make rumors of the evils
I'm 'bout to evolve and touch the mind like evo's
Evoke, spots is bikes, considered me a debo


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