Metalecalec – Tbh Frrl
Genre Rap


Verse: Metalecalec
I really been trying but it’s hard to breathe
Tried to stay but I wanna leave
Everybody disappointing me
Like everybody that’s close to me
My own mother, best friend
My grandmother, I can’t stand
What’s going on, in the last month
All of dis been too rough
Picking up every phone call
Really thinking that they really care
Then they ask for money
Like why tf they ain’t say it at first
Ohh I forgot I got money now
Went from bad to worse
My grandmother wasting all her money on cigarettеs
Then ima threat, if I disagree
Give hеr money, she throw it back me
She want me to buy em
Deep down she in denial
Sometimes I think that my mind might be wrong
But I think back, to my ex girls, and I kinda missem
What we had
Promise after promise
Then I got burned but I’m really glad
Cause I’m still me
But I’m so aware, where they really went
I don’t get it
Back to her ex, and the other got married
How If you shot him when he beat you last year
How if when you cheated I was wiping all yo tears
That’s my question for them girls
But I’m questioning myself
Why I still care, I got 200 women in my iPhone
I guess I reminisce with my feelings and my mind roams

But I’m still alone
And it’s so tempting, cause these new women so amazing
I mean they falling in my lap, but my hearts shaking
They got potential to make fall, and I don’t like it
They got they hand on my check and my lips they just bite it
I’m falling victim, cause I hate sleeping alone in my bed
How can I deny a supermodel that started just with some head
Tell me, cause I ain’t understanding
I’m going with the flow and none of this I never planned it
Am I safe, anxiety kickin
She’s never late for Shifts
Committed to really win
Putting overtime
Taking all my breaths
Like I’m in overdrive
Never catching breaks but I’m going and tryna survive
I watch sun set, when it goes down, that’s when I get de pressed
Feeling like a target, neck out, like a v neck
I really wonder will I live to see the end
Cause life is cut shorter when you never just pretend
Im as real as they come
I’m really to young to be feeling this numb
I blame it on the city that I’m really fucking from

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