MercurianBoy – With The Stars
Genre Rap

With The Stars


Pulled up to your place and we ballin' [ballin'
We just pulling up where you goin'? [where are you?
Tell em stop the hate, they annoying
Calling her to fun, she enjoyin' [yeah]


See us with the stars now you feeling ill [you do
I am 14 and i sober, i ain't pop no pills
You don't seen my knife, but you know it's brill
If you drop on me, you should know i will
Look in sky, stars and i rock with 'em [rock
Sliding to your place, stopping all condemns
You can't see my face, cuz it's mask on it [grr, grr
Pull up on the homework, i ain't done wit it [baow
I don't care if u don't like me
Workin' till the sun come down, I'm gon' get this bag


U still on ur ass, we just growing [growing
I'm block 'em all, they're slowing [block 'em all
Almost with the stars, i'm glowing
U ain't worth a bill, we ain't stalling [yeah]

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