Merciless Wind – Elliott Brood
Genre Alternative, Rock

Merciless Wind

He was a shy one
And she told a lie once to give him the courage to go
She said that she loved him and the good lord above him
Would see that he found his way home

He went off to war and she thought no more of him
Or all of the things that she'd said
A taste for the blood in the rain and the mud
Something changed in his heart and his head
And he did it for her when he piled up the dead

She never thought that she'd taken his heart
Shе was trying to be just a friend
Cause boys sеnt to fight wars need something they'll die for
And most never came home again

And she figured his fate would be like other men
But he cut through the enemy like a merciless wind

He got shot down on a cold piece of ground
And he thought of those words when he died
He knew that the little woman waiting back home for him
Was all that had kept him alive
Through the merciless winds and those murderous nights

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