Mega-Man X vs The All-Stars – The infinite source
Genre Rap

Mega-Man X vs The All-Stars

Verse 1Mega Man X

Just call me X
Short for Mega Man
And what these three can't
This Droid can
Named after a variable of
Limitless possibilities
And I’m here to take a cyber dump
On your shitty rap abilities
The show's over
Somebody hit the lights
I'm about to cut the tails
Off these three blind mice
And Dr. Light gave me
The power to chose
But all I know is winning
So this time you bitches lose
{Verse 2: Superman
I’m the Man of Steel
You don't want to test my mettle
It's like Lil' Jon said
You'll neva eva reach my levеl

Verse 3Raphael of TMNT

X, ZX, and Star Force
He's an attention junkiе hero
But after this last battle
We'll all agree to call him Zero

Verse 4Vegeta

My turn?
My pleasure
I'll split this clown in two
And make this shit a double-header

Verse 5Superman

And then I’ll beat him senseless
This is your final fall
You’ll shake that head for answers
Like a gay magic 8-ball

Verse 6Mega Man X

A suitable opponent
Was impossible to find
So they sent you three losers
To take a loss
One at a time
Turtle in a half shell?
No, it's more like turtle goop
How about I blast you in the face
Make Splinter taste your turtle soup
And listen flyboy
Or should I call you Supersoft?
There’s more guys raiding your tomb
Than that slut Lara Croft
And last up, it's Mr. Dragonballs
Goku said you sucked his
And hoped his jizz would make you tall

Verse 7Superman

You're a knock off of me
Made in Taiwan
Your little blaster gun
Wouldn't put a scruff
In my nylon

Verse 8Raphael of TMNT

You’ve got jokes?
Well, it looks like the joke's on you
You're a fake ass Robocop
Who's dressed in baby blue

Verse 9Vegeta

Maverick Hunter?
Well, meet the Saiyan Prince
Big Bang attacked your girl
She hasn't been the same since
And who are you calling short?
We're both the same height
We need a battle ref
They let a pussy in a cock fight

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