Verse 1Scruffpuppie

I'm having trouble tryna sleep
Chasing witches in my dreams
And I've forgotten how to breathe
The words that shed me to my teeth
And all my thoughts are red as blood
And all my hope is lost and
Under attack, can't take it back
Can't take it back, can't take it back
I wish my heart would slow on down
I wish my bones would turn to clouds
won't stop turning down
I need it loud, I need it loud

Verse 2medkit

I'm having trouble tryna see
Why you don't mean the words you speak
I guess that's the way it goes

Next time I won't hold you as close

Chorusmedkit & Scruffpuppie

And I might try to
And I know that
But if you choose to change your mind
I'll be here 'till the end of time
You won my heart

Losing grip and I'm not free
I lost the friends and they lost me
And thе words I'm following
The chills are

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