Genre Rap


I put a bitch in a hole, fuck my neighbours next door
I ain't dialing no hoe, cus that's what I fucking swore
BB gun in my pocket, like a motherfucking rocket
Heading out like we meowth, flooding like a fucking rocket

I never fucked no bitch, getting hella' rich
I don't wanna hide, but my feelings getting switched
I don't wanna lie, I don't wanna bitch
Voice is hella' rusty, I ain't smoking hella' cigs

Fuck yo' bitch, she on motherfucking 4chan
Hit her with a hi and I'm hitting with a 4 mag
She so fucking dumb and I'm feeling hella bored man
Meanie is my name and I'm boutta fucking score fam

Get it out my face, I can't motherfucking blame
What the fuck is my name, what the fuck is my name
How much is it to pay, I've been getting hella' late
All I'm tryna' say, is get it out my motherfucking face

Fight for rights, yuh
I don't mind, yuh
I don't get no sleep
Cus' I work at night, yuh

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