Genre Rap


Im a villain who’s ready to die
Lucifer by my side
Welcome to south side suicide
Coming through with that banana clip
On a 45
Got a new bitch
Can she put up with my low life
Angels might follow me
Demons might call me
I’m what you call lucifers following
Now i’m coming through
Whats the move
Whats the news
Gimme the news
Ima pop a xanny
And pull out the noose
Let it loose
Know i keep it tight
If one of my dawgs growl
Just know ill fight
Does that make it right bitch
Every other night bitch
Come on just fight bitch

Watch me give the death penalty
To everyone i find unworthy
Of my blessing
What is the lesson
Who’re they testin
Run up on me
And count your blessings
Cause coming to me won't be one of them
Ill take your life bitch
Call myself righteous
Every other night bitch
Cradles in the air
Hear the children cry
And start weeping
As these drugs leave my body
Its detoxifying
Yet that spark is still igniting
Blunt after blunt
Wu-tanging the roaches
Left for the bugs to take
As they scurry about with their wings in the air
Oh to fly with just one of them
Would be unfair

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