MC Hammersmith – Posh Boy Raps Fast
Genre Rap

Posh Boy Raps Fast

IntroMC Hammersmith

Em hello eh, I've written a rap
My name is MC Hammersmith
Representing middle class West London
Word to your parent or guardian, listen

Verse 1MC Hammersmith

I'm six foot like a threesome
Spittin' rhymes is my reason
Booked for shows 'cause my bars nice
Got more gigs than a hard drive
Sickest MC with the rhyme[woah
Rappers get faded, I shine[woah
Don't feast on rappers, I dine[woah
Is your dick bigger than mine, no
Rappers say they sick they just debilitate my health
So electric when I rhyme, I plug the mic into myself
Kickin' with the lyrics that'll leave you bloody flabbergasted
I'm a snappy, dapper bastard, other rappers whack and flaccid
I'm a total lad, and if I can allege
I'm not a giant window sill but I am a massive ledge

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