MC Eiht – Last Ones Left
Genre Rap

Last Ones Left

[Tha Chill
1, 2, yeah [Make ‘em recognize this
Yeah, my nigga, Eiht this that shit homeboy [make ‘em recognize this
This that shit that make a nigga wanna smoke with no license
Running lights like fuck tha police!
Hahahaha Compton

[Make ‘em recognize this]

[MC Eiht
CMW original
Eiht, Boom Bam, and Tha Chill

[Tha Chill
Nigga, this is gangsta rap revamp
Compton’s most c-zamp
Straight outta Compton, fire like heat lamp
Stand by the greats, wait, Eiht, let me say this
Clowns saying they do this but they still can’t fade us
Line ‘em up, I get ‘em, hit’em hard like a fullback
Running ‘em over, run it back
Run ‘em down, give me that
Young fucks best respect my G
‘Fore I pull ‘em off the shelf and make ya beat yo feet
Ha, this that killa shit, none of that fuckin’ disco
They got their thong on, dragons like they’re Sisqo
Man I’m a silverback, Compton, that’s my habitat
Rat a tat, Cadillac, hoodrats, dope sacks
You getting money now? Well, get your money playa
I never join ‘em, Chill’ll never tell playa
I never settle down, I’m sticking to the code
CMW, the last of the new old
[MC Eiht, CMW hook
A couple of real riders, a couple of real hoes
A couple of gats pulled, here comes the 5-0
This Compton for death [for death, for death
We’re the last ones left
Some real riders and some real hoes and
You pull the gats cuz, here comes 5-0 and
I say this Compton for death, geah [for death, for death
We’re the last ones left, killa

[MC Eiht
Still niggas strugglin’ every day on the corners
There’s legalized spots for pushing yo marijuanas
They don’t want us, California is what I rep
I’m in deep, haters will get yo block swept
Just to get a rep like I was Guru
Late night be the case, cuz, I might do you
Its 6 in the mornin’, geah, I’m steadily mobbin’
To the block, clock work, any nigga we squabbin’
Back in the days, man, the OGs taught me
Eiht, rep for the hood, keep killin them softly [Geah
Let ‘em know how the streets are cold hearted
Compton be the land where the gangbangin’ started
And rest In peace to the dearly departed
Shots rang through, my homeboys caught it [Damn!
That’s why I stick to the format
This killaz right here, cuz, you know where the wars at [Geah!

[Boom Bam
Check it out, uhh
I got two strikes, tryna fight for my life
Now I’m up to bat and it’s the bottom of the ninth
Keep your eyes on the prize, hit a home run
Me and the goons, squad lurking, we on one
I got kids that I must provide for
And if I can’t be a man, then what the fuck am I alive for?
It’s called survival, against my rivals
Boom Bam is a motherfuckin hood idol
So tuck in yo bling bling, cause here comes Deebo
Jackin you for yo ride like I was the fuckin repo
Man, can’t you understand
That I’m versatile with a mic or a gun in my hand?
I’m in the game, you just a spectator
I drop bombs, lyrically like a detonator
Nigga I walk through Compton, ha, nobody hassles me
Niggas ask for respect and I get it naturally


Make ‘em recognize this

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