Mayday – Look Out For The Agents
Genre Rap

Look Out For The Agents

Normally go abroad but this year I didn’t celebrate New Year’s Eve
Plotted and schemed aim down scope like double tap on lazar beam
And I was up till 3
Just another day on the calendar so it really didn’t matter or mean that much to me
Ya see what I see
Spit with venom AK47 like Kirilenko on the Utah Jazz
In genes not denim with secret weapon 2 shot pump boom bang 12dotspas
This one slap hard cymbal crash
Always first could never be last

Last year nobody wanted a verse from me now I hear yo lets collab
So I spent that year last year plotting in some cellar like I was George and Brad
But I can’t brag about time in lab work speaks for itself got tunes in the bag
Told C bout the plan just after Japan now see what I’m gonna do now I’m back
Tune, tune, tune, tune
Fling out tunes just like A HARPOON
Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom
Everywhere on the map, see me soon
Pull up in your city location local
Pull up in your country Mayday Global
Boarding flights to perform at night I did it from my own vocals
I’m doing stuff that ain't been done
So don’t tell me stuff can’t run
Step in the set like fi fo fum
Send one lyric someone get bun
Oh no that was somebody’s son
Whole room like yo what has he done
Slow down bro you’re on one
Can’t undone what just got done
Live and direct P money man
Grab back of neck get dragged in sand
Merked like splurt and burst or like me on holiday get burnt and tanned
No no you’re not ready for the skirmish look into my eye and ask if it’s worth it you can’t seem to seek below surface take my word for gospel not sermon

Salam Alkum to those who speak Arabic
If I say lays al-yoma Sil-a-han si-rean man will start panicking like oh no what’s happening
Different language not the queens english
All linguistics that I start speaking
Estoy aprendiendo espanyol no not Puerto Rican
Punch after punch like Balrog attacking
Bar after bar like pub crawl mapping
Switch up structure new formatting
Use what I got the business bootstrapping
Start from the bottom like mud
Where I come from there’s no such things as a chance so you have to make your own luck and its tough

Gotta look out for the agents and there persuading come in all shapes and looking straight out of the matrix can’t tell which way their two faces facing
Say that they’re your brother but we ain’t got the same mother ain’t seen you at Christmas so we ain’t even cousins
Been a trendsetter I’m not a wave rider
Realtime sketching the blueprint
Been a hot stepper and I’m a great writer so I don’t care what you think
Back to the wall got me feeling comfy
I’ll swipe anyone legs if they think they’re above me
Get cut down in half to size like one tackle in Rugby
Kick doors down forget about locksmith
Someone tells me I can’t do that
I tell them stand back hold on watch this
Door get liff
Kick off hinges
So you’re there to witness
Anything you say I can’t do I’ll find a way to come fix it
Handouts, bring ins, miss me, with it
I don’t wanna break bread with none of you man you’ve taken the food then bit the same hand
Practice what you preach but you did eat and feast
Practice what you preach but you did selfish antics
Came in late cus I’m taking a breather
Verse after verse like Bible preacher
Mayday sound tump straight out of ya speaker
Got a next project already on route and no gas there’s already 3 tunes
Might add myself on as the feature or I might just drop Slowgress 2

Got a next project already on route and no gas there’s already 3 tunes
Might add myself on as the feature or I might just drop

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