Mausoleum Gate – Burn the Witches at Dawn
Genre Heavy Metal, Rock

Burn the Witches at Dawn

Satan is coming to take
Us away in the night
The moon shines brighter
Than I've seen before

Waiting for exactly
Perfect moment to attack
We have caught them in the act!

Witches are dancing
And burning the torches of Hell
The flames are shining green
And I wonder how?

Be ready as the sacrificial dagger
Rises to the air
"Attack!" I command
And chant my prayer

Strike! Strike at will
And kill with fire
Purify with flames
Turn the evil to ashes!

Burn! Burn the witches
Burn burn burn!
Burn the witchеs, burn!
Burn the witches at dawn!
The dawn is nеar!
We must take them down!
Fight the heretics!


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