Matt Citron – I Am The Engulfer
Genre Rap

I Am The Engulfer

Exercise your tactical with troublesome behavior
Ain't no glory in the practical, I’m practically a baker
All they doted in my house, they got do do in they mouth

Uh, what you doin' for the night?
All this screwing, do it tight
To your kneecap, sorry, girls, I didn't want y’all to have to see that
, we call this effective
Hunger in the trees, we see creature where the creek at
Shawty, you legit, but you rowdy as a bitch
Oh, they climbin' in that castle, got 'em drownin' in that pit
pack of rabbit jackels, like a back-hoe, wait, throw it back, hoe
my catalog, access my battle logs
What's next? Sent fire, God
gon' fly tomorrow
And you know that's guaranteed money on they head for fee
Freeze on the chop-chop, need lettuce with my extra cheese
Leanin' on ’em, beatin’ on 'em
Cyborg, I’m set to see
I don't come in peace, check the fucking post
Ending enemies, I engulf everything I see so they turn to gold

Uh, I make sins in my vision, I'm addicted to this love of talk
The floor done make the water hot, I'm goal to make the gawkers flock
with the butter slit, it’s '22, she independent
she might do for vengeance, we might need. a new percentage
Well, they did pay more so

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