MasterClassNYC – 10 Of 10
Genre Rap

10 Of 10

Verse 1

Waves crashing baby fashion week we going crazy
And the way got em sick shawty you’s a pandemic
Ain’t no tellin when im it shawty start it ima finish
We record it like the guinness tell them bitches mind they business
Cuz we layed up in the shade uh wit no make up on the wake up
Damn you fine fine girl you fine fine something like some fine wine we sign it on the dotted line
Baby that chanel got you lit now birkin with the big pouch
Prada all the fits now im loving how you get down
I pull up in that Detale 100 past the retail
Love the way that we sail, together bae we can’t fail

Verse 2

Fly you to Tulum baby you can be my chick tonight
Slide out that dior girl that pussy in my kryptonite
Them tits so nice they sitting right fenty off girl hit the lights
I hit that thing girl its on sight, we going hard we getting right
Issa movie loving how you do me bust that thing like uzis girl wipe me down like boosie
Fenty all in my pillow case girl keep it low no face no case
They dont know what we do in this place
Flyest ever thats me and bae
Goyard how you go hard Saint laurent girl you goals
Thats my bitch don’t need no broad she 10 of 10 she got no flaws
Fendi matching that gold bra she fuck the real don’t fuck frauds
Damn shorty go so hard i might slip up i might go raw

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