Masked Reaper – Look What You've Done To Me
Genre Rap

Look What You've Done To Me

Verse 1

When I'm alone, I hear voices saying, enjoy this!
You must destroy this!
Remorseless, the devil's rejoicing
Repeating in my ear, this life's pointless!
I can't avoid it, venom stabs in my neck
It's crazy the only thing makes me happy is death
Catching my breath, I start panicking less
There's a slash in your dress, you're stabbed in the chest!
I say goodbye, not feeling bad inside
Fuck it, I wish my own dad would die
And Laura, don't think I'd forget you
I'll use a fucking hacksaw to dissect you
Little cunt, I'll cut you up
Hang every single onе of your children up
On the wall, make you kiss thеm all
You can watch my chainsaw rip them all!

Chorus X2

Look what you've done to me now! [Do you like it?
Look what you've done to now! [Get excited!
This is a game I call daying [You'll try it!
This is a game I call dying [You're invited!]

Verse 2

I beat myself up so many times
I think my own mind has forgot how to cry
I could hold your throat, and look in your eyes
Laugh in your fucking face 'till you die!
A day would pass, I wouldn't remember you
I'd dump you in a field, I wouldn't even bury you!
Death is due to you and your family
Burnt to death... Oh, what a tragedy!
Scream as your kids get spared
My response will be "I don't fucking care!"
I'll kill all of you and anyone who's there
Please, no! Bitch, this life ain't fair
That caring person died in me 10 years ago
I hate you! And it's clearly shown
Keep acting brave like you don't really know
That you're gonna die, frightened here alone!


Verse 3

I've bided my time, writing these lines
Wishing inside I could be slicing your spine!
Start trying to hide, you're easy to find
Your worst fucking fears are what you'll find in my mind!
Doctors tell me these pills should help me
I take the whole packet yet, I feel so empty
Hate and envy, you still resent me
I'll cut off your limbs and throw them ten feet
I ain't fucking lettin' up for a minute!
I swear to God, bitch, you'll fucking get it!
Neck split, legs ripped, you'll get beheaded
When the cops turn up, I'll be like "Yeah, I fucking did it"
I don't give a fuck, you're such a little whore!
Murdering you will be worth going prison for
And when they look at me to try and give some remorse
I'll spit on their face and tell 'em I wish I had did it more



Look what you've done to me now [x3]

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