Martay and amber wilson – Gaslight Me
Genre Pop

Gaslight Me

Verse 1
Were you happy
When you were with me
Or did you realize that I wasn’t enough
Did your darkness overtake you
Or did you ru because the going got tough

Pre Chorus 1
Our love doesn’t feel the same
You’re cold, you’re shy, you’ve changed
I’m tired of being strong
Tell me what’s wrong
Gaslight me
Don’t rip the band aid off
‘Cause it’s not fair
For me to go through hell
Gaslight me
My heart is too soft
For this love affair
Why did you kiss and tell

Gaslight me
[Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, woah]

[Repeat 4x]

Vеrse 2
Was I happy
When I was with you
Or did your ego
Makе me want to give up
Should I run like it doesn’t hurt
Or pretend that this was always love

Pre Chorus 2
Our love is not the same
I’m done, I’m hurt, I’ve changed
I don’t need you to be strong
I know what’s wrong
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But gas when lit can
Make me stronger
Emotions last and memories fade
This pain is my fuel
Come whatever may

May, may, may, may, may, may, may

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