Marie Elise Walker – Sold
Genre R&B


Pre Chorus

I don’t care if it’s sold [souls
Tell me the reason?, fuck
Tell me the reason you wanna go sell your soul too the Devil?
No girl yous’ a angel make it on your own know you can’t just be somethin’ either you shine or you dampen freemasonary in the family
It ain’t no evilness no [that i know of]


Tell me the reason?, you wanna go left
Instead of bein’ right? Life’s just left and right for me sold [oh God no]


I don’t care if it’s sold [souls
Meltin’ in dimness ugh want too shine, Shine bright on these demons
I’m an angel don’t gеt it twisted
I will never sеll my soul too a halo [woah]


Never thought I’d be considerin’ it
Life’s been a sneaky bitch [sneaky bitch] so what do i do?, do i switch sides
Vampire anthem, I’m pale and that wine will be blood tasty but i just want too be a natural born leader for that symbolism upside down life’s been cryptic


Devil be lurkin’ see the time it’s 11:11 pm make a death wish blowin’ it own a poor pigs decapitated head this is some dark shit but i promise i ain’t no devils bitch a halo protects me and that’s that


Tell me the reason,? Ooh
Tell me the reason,? Oh
You want to go left instead of bein’ right?

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