Maren Markos – Solo Trooper
Genre Dance, Rap

Solo Trooper

Real life she want she want

Ya Stop I been working every night
For the Fendi drop
People talking on me
But they don't know a lot
2 years soaking in the sun
Got me locks
I'm a good kid
I don't follow trends
I don't smoke weed
I just work with friends
I don't take it easy
I got ice in my veins I don't really bleed
Why you playing games
Tell me tell me what you need
I just wanna get know you
See What you see
Ain't nothing to me
I just want to learn how you really feel
Life hit me hard giving me a good thrill
Stay locked in all four season
Making all this music i just wanna show meaning
Next 5 years working on my future dreams
Staying blessed never showing greed
I just spent money, got my finger green
Yeah I just wanna spend money
How I was want
I don't want people
Telling me how to live
I just wanna live my life
Ya man
You really got to take your own path
And just go with it
No one can and no should stop you
You feel me
Like life is not easy
And life's not supposed easy

Yah real life
Got me thinking like I'm not quite ready
I was just a young kid never thinking of the past
I was living how I wanted, never feeling stressed
Life coming too fast I just wanna rest
Ya I just want to vibe with myself sometime
I don't want to let people in online
Working every day got me chilling outside
Late-night dreams thinking out loud
I just want to show people what I go inside
I don't wanna hold back but a shy
Never wanna playing games ain't gonna lie
Ran a mile Everyday never inside
Mine going crazy I don't even get offended
Made some racks I don't even want to spend
Solo trooper in my city I don't want attention
Ya ya ya
Live life how I want
How I want
Live life live life
Live life how I want

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