Flying high, pacific sky
Waters blue below
We’re not in Kansas anymore
The girl who flies alone
Except of course here’s faithful Fred
To help her find her way
He squeezed his big frame
Next to hers

Lady Lindy, the flying Queen
Or simply just AE
A voice for women
And a woman born to fly
Chartering the 99s
Full ahead in choppy times

Now in our Lockheed Electra
Up here, just Fred and me
On our way to Howland Island
Never felt so free

Flying out to show her girls
Their future’s in the air
Then aftеr many solo flights
She takes another darе
She flies around this lustrous globe
And casts a shadow there
On the waistband of the world
Signals sent, but not received
Just some code we don’t understand
Sometimes we lose the very thing we need

Now in our Lockheed Electra
Up here, just Fred and me
Near the Nukumanu Islands
Whistling at the sea

Walking along a beach
Amelia and me
Drinking Benedictine from a bottle
I think it’s hers but she swears
It belongs to me
Maybe we’ll use it
To send out a message…
Maybe we’ll use it
To send out a message - - -
Maybe we’ll use it
To send out a message…

All the many choices, pointing to an ending
All those inner voices, leading us astray

Fred, I’m a little weary
Let’s sit down underneath that tree
Oh Fred, if I should die here
Do you think they’ll know it’s me?
If they find our skulls and bones, Fred
Like two pirates of the sea
Will this sextant box and bottle
Be the clues that they will need?
Over there, a sextant box
So they sent it off to Fiji
And a pile of bones and leather
And this bottle on the floor
Upon Gardner Island
You could not buy Benedictine
And the bones, that lay there glinting
In the sunlight, on the shore

13 Bones, in the sand
A mystery, just like man
So Noonan became no one
He’s nothing now but dust

13 Bones, that don’t exist
The photographs, are all that persist
Man was like a woman
The woman like a man
What was just a wish
Has become the truth
The evidence the same
Without the burden of proof

Gone so long, she’s gone so far
No one lives forever
No matter who you are
Everything has a reason
Everything leaves a scar

Our favourite missing person


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