Manoj Hathwar, Anirudh Yerramalli – Crazy Mahila
Genre Pop

Crazy Mahila

Oh Crazy Crazy Mahila !
A Nadumune Oopav ela !
Ela ela oh ela ela !
Oka sari chude Ila !
Neekosam waiting Ila !
Laila laila !

E Silly Silly Aatallo !
Manasuge Mohamatam lo !
Kanipinchani oohaloo !
Telede ela?

E Chali Chali Kaalam lo !
Veedekinche Maatalatho !
Valavesi Choopulatho
Champodde Ila !

Ey Ey Ey Aha ! [4X]

Those pretty eyes
You got me fallen back in the time
I'm plannin to rewind the whole world to see ya be wild
Cuz im checkin out with all my might
You're a thing with some fire
I can't believe that who he made you is a person with time
You just gave me a sign girl
Yo, lemme take you for a dine or two
And prolly check out with you
If you're fine with a booze, cuz i like it when you're loose
Let me take it when you choose me to holla at you!

Sajana Mere Sajana !
Mere dil tere naal hai Nachna !
Sajana Mere Sajana !
Meri Maate Vintaava !
Sajana Mere Sajana !
Tere Nakhre ab nai Nachna yaara !
Sajana Mere Sajana !
Ab nahi chalega tera yeh bahana !

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