Mammoth Storm – Augurs Echo
Genre Rock

Augurs Echo

Flocks are moving
Away from trodden lands
Where the ice is growing
On the mountain side

Empty furrows
From which the waters fled
To leave the ground
On the fields below

Where the sky begins
A giant shadow rises
Towards the greatest light
Swallows it all!

At the highest altar
Let the writer speak
Dissipate the threat
The stars are eaten!

We are the children
Of a dying sun
By gods forsaken
Let the days return!
Let the drum be touched
Let the signs be read
Let sacrifices bleed
Let the writer speak!

Who will end the fall?
Who will heal the circle?
Who will save the source?
From where all
Things are shown

Who will end the night?
Who will heal the circle?
Who will open up the eye?
And bring back the light?

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