MajorVoice – Why Don't You Know
Genre Rock

Why Don't You Know

And I know what life could be, what life could be around you
And I know what I could give, If we were bound true

See, I’m standing right in front of you
All I need is ask you now:

Why don’t you know, why don’t you see
Your beating heart belongs to me
Why don’t you know what evryone can see?
Oh, love, Why don’t you know
What else can I do, can I do

And I know that I can’t bear, can’t bear to live without you
And I know I never lived ‚til I found you

Why don’t you know
You are my light, my feelings are so right
Don’t tear apart this honest, aching heart

Why don’t you know
What else can I do, what else can I do

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