Mahogany (Remix) – YNG TR!SS
Genre Rap

Mahogany (Remix)

Feat. Lil Wayne


Mahogany interior
That means that you inferior
They watch from the outside
I can’t look at the exterior
Got 'em spooked, yeah it’s eerier
I won’t lose, yeah I carry ya
Tie a noose, then I bury ya
Dog I woof, imma terrier

Oh, oh you made it? I made it out
Oh, you faded? I’m fading out
Oh, you jaded? My crazy mouth
Spit that 80’s, I’m spacing out
They gon hate it, I play around
Sipping 80’s, I take a round
Shots I make it, I drain them now
You can’t take it? I take you out

If you breathe, imma air it out
What you speak, I won’t share about
At my peak, ion care about
What they speak, let them wear it out
Im a G, don’t know where I’m now
Take a seat, Imma chairman now
They can see, what I care about
Best believe, imma tear it down

Yeah that was easy, like staples
They all too sweet, just like maple
They all gon see what I’m able
I horse around, but I’m stable
Oh you angry? I’m crazy loud
Yeah, they say that I’m baking now
Ion play, imma make it now
Life’s a game, ion play around

All for looks, well I’ll stare it down
Off the books, imma tear it out
There ain’t nothing I care about
Except money, forget about
All those people, their whereabouts
They just see through, ain’t paramount
My shots lethal, I air it out
Watched like regal, they, their account

I’m avid, I have it
Watch me ball like the Mavericks
They so soft like a scallop
While I’m hard like a mallet
I’m so fly just like I’m Arial
They telling tales, like Ariel
I call that shit a fairy tell
I know bout that shit very well

I put my foot up your ass
Then I put my foot on the gas
Then watch me take off, like the Migos
There ain’t no looking back
I gotta flight, book it fast
In first tonight, it’ll last
I’ve just been chasing the bag
Like I’m racing in track

Fuck who’s adjacent, my stats
Keep up, they raising, that’s facts
Won’t catch me taking a nap
Cause I can’t break, inna snap
Imma go pop up, like ad’s
No hop on pop, I’m her dad
Don’t flop, like rocks, I’m hard, and
She thought I was hard, don’t know that

I move fast like a nascar
You and I don’t go as hard
I’m a god, on my next level shit
Ain't talking no Asgard
They know that I am past hard
Leave them left in the past, start
To fly up ahead
They all gon finish this later, after

Mahogany, mahogany
I’m in they heads, psychology
They all some jokes, that’s comedy
Give yo bitch a lobotomy
If I know her I’ve probably
Hit that, I’m speaking honestly
Talk my shit like a prophecy
I keep winning, stay modestly

Make this shit for the quality
But also got that quantity
Smoking up all that broccoli
I be doing that constantly
Ain’t nobody be stopping me
They all hate, but they wannabe
I’m the king, like democracies
They all fake, that’s hypocrisy

Haha, yeah


YNG TR!SS & Lil Wayne

Mahogany dashboard, do the dash, boy
Mahogany dashboard, do the dash, boy
Mahogany dashboard, do the dash, boy
Uh, yeah, I do the dash, boy
Mahogany handle on the gun in my hand, boy
Brains all over my mahogany dashboard

Louis mahogany bags for the bag boys
Louis, Louis mahogany bags for the bag boys
Soon as we land, on mahogany sand
Maho-mahogany sand
Louis mahogany bags for the bag boys
Soon as we land, on mahogany sand
I ain't arguin', I'm sayin'
Ooh, mahogany

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