Magna Carta – Father John
Genre Rock

Father John

Slowly steals the dawn on a grey December way
Tired night has closed her eyes to say
"Oh let all the world be light
Each darkened room till I return"

Father John wakes early
Dons a faded robe, breathes a prayer
Then hurries where the air is cold
It's Sunday come round again
Maybe one face more or less in church today
Oh can't you see, Father John?
Oh can't you see, Father John?
Miss Pringle and Miss Prendergast
And George who does the brass are there
To say the words they've said for twenty years
And no one knows or cares
Safe in the security of things they see and want to be
Believing is a word for growing old
Oh can't you see, Father John?
No one seems to want your words of love anymore
Why can't you see, Father John?

Like the stained glass window fathers
In last September's cobwebs
God does not belong here anymore, anymore

Benediction said and done
The echoes die and silence fills the walls
[Slowly steals the night on a grey December way
High above him on the wind
The rooks sail in the torn winter sky
Just an old man with frosted hair
Believing a dream of love

Father John
Father John
Father John

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