Mad About Bars – Shaker The Baker
Genre Rap

Mad About Bars



I used to trap lots in that shitty Focus
Cause it had a stash spot that they didn't notice
Them times there it was chicken or chips
Late night McD's, filet-o-fish
Hitting with the MAC, that's rigor mortis
Laying on the roadside looking all stiff
Man it all started with some little bullshit
Now it's yellow tape, crime scene, look at all this
Went from little kids playing Truth Or Dare
To my Rubik's business, moving squares
Your day one friends start moving weird
Now the shit's escalating like moving stairs
Now the ends ain't the same and it's hot as Hell
I'm talking about the cops and the opps as well
Mandem getting stabbed, getting shot as well
That's why I've got waps and they're not for sale
I'm in Amsterdam in a Sofitel
Smoking loud, sipping Chocomel
Five star restaurants, eating lobster tail
My life story's a mobster's tale
I'm blind to the hate, only dough I see
She's going blind on the date cause I'm so icy
Heart's so cold and my soul might freeze
I can understand now why you don't like me
Cause I was with your wifey in your flat
I was in your front room kicking back
I was in your bathroom pissing yak
And I was in your kitchen whipping crack
Three-litre Pyrex full of raw yayo
Just grinning, wrist spinning like a tornado
I've got money put away, I need more play dough
Still floor it when I see the Ford Mondeo
I had to tell the mandem "we've gotta dream bigger"
I don't need a fake friend or a sneak disser
Spent the last nine years screaming "free Semi"
Now imma spend the next six screamong "free Dilla"
They call me El Capitu00e1n, I'm the team skipper
I've got a very strong heart and a weak liver
If I ever make a promise then I deliver
And I still hit the roads for a free jibber
I've got man screaming at me "can you be quicker?"
But I can't, I'm in a car with a green sticker
I've got money right now but I've been richer
Been sicker, was a daily machine gripper
Made a killing in London, Jack Ripper
Crack whipper, call me the pack flipper
When I had the flick shank I was a shank flicker
Now I've got this big wap I'm a strap gripper
Yak sipper, roll up a fat swisher
Freestyle like my rap name's Mac Miller
I'm still the Ching cornerstone, I'm the trap pillar
Always keep it one hundred like a caterpillar
Rum sipper, drug dealer, grub giver
I lined up five bricks off of one picture
You've gotta show you're hungry if you want dinner
Went to meet a new plug with my snub spinner
Last time I got bumped was a trust killer
You're a bum licker, unzipper, suck dicker
Dick sucker, jokeman, call you Chris Tucker
Always tryna watch man like you're Big Brother
You ain't ever met a G like me before
I cook that shit up and still keep it raw
See the rocks coming down like meteors
DNA came back, I still beat the law
I wanna squeeze some breasts, not squeeze the four
But they're forcing my hand like a Ouija board
Draw me out then my swammy do a shooting
Big boy Russian like Vladimir Putin
Big boy Russian like Wladimir Klitschko
Roll deep and my phone beats like Diplo
No sleep, on the roads deep like Fishgold
No neeks, couple O.G.'s on my Encro
Roleys, never go cheap but my wrist glows
O's, keys, twenty-eight G's, thirty-six O's

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