Macabre Omen – Macabre Omen – Alexandros
Genre Rock

Macabre Omen – Alexandros

I extend my hand into the crowd
Only to hear my name out loud

Αλέξανδρε, your name strikes fear into hearts of men
If that is true, where are your cities now?
Armies used to kneel with their shields on the ground

Αλέξανδρε, you go through wars and your army is there
If that is true, how do they fail you how?
Moments one's in need are when one ends to be alone

Follow me, and I shall pledge to thee
To fulfil your desires
Even if it sounds like madness
And my body and spirit go through the edge of darkness
Life has no relation
It is death that will bring us back
To the one that brought us into creation

It is life that I seek
My kingdom I would give in return
For a hundred years of life
In the land of the living
The dead have nothing to say to us
It is our own narcissism
That makes us think they even care


I see the abyss, take me

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