Mac Stuzz – Spread Love
Genre Rap

Spread Love

We live in this day
Live in this day
Where we gotta pray
Everything seems so grey
Hope imma be okay
I dont even know
Where to go im just
Living day by day
But i hope im
On the way
Just trynna spread love
Cause these times
Are tough
Only thing we
Can do is look above
And we all get love
Everyone needs a hug
Love is a drug
Love is my plug
Imma catch it like a bug
Give it a tuck
I dont even call this luck
If you ain't with me
Then you suck
All these haters
Give it a pluck
Yall do anything for a buck

Yеah i got these haters
I got thеse haters
That are my motivators
Imma ollie like a skater
Yall dont want me
But i got papers
We all the same
Dont be ashamed
Yall dont know my name
This world is no ones to claim
So dont be a lame
Just join the gang

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