Rêves, rêves, rêves, rêves... lyrics
(English Translation)



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Rêves, rêves, rêves, rêves... lyrics
(English Translation)

Don't worry
I think of you
More than you think
I remain wise
I refrain from looking at you
But I can't help myself
To dream of you
Dreaming of your fingers
On the edge of my lips
Here and there
And I dream

I looked at your photos
By guessing
Your attitudes
When you were only 17
I wake up
As if we'd held each other
But... but I feel your gaze on me
I taste it like sugar and
I dream of you
I only dream of you
Dream of you
Dream of you
I only dream of you

You know my other
Side is full of mistakes
I wanna text you but I'll
Make regret
I want you around for
The rest of my life
Your eyes could really
Have the world at your feet
We’d be the double
Trouble you're my double dose
I'd rock the party by
Your side on the tip of my toes
You can make it yours if you want
You can make it- make it yours anytime

I've already done
This error
I digress but
Don't be afraid
I don't want
Ruin it all
So for now
I stay in my corner
To think of you
To dream of you
(dreaming about you)

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M.I.K.I. – Rêves, rêves, rêves, rêves... (English Translation)

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